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Video Premiere: Rusty Gear “Gold On The Horizon”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Rusty Gear’s song “Gold on the Horizon” from his forthcoming EP Delivery Man.

"Rusty Gear’s songs have a disarming quality about them that immediately puts you at ease. It’s something intangible but at the same time, just flat out undeniable. The video for “Gold on the Horizon” is absolutely breathtaking with nature footage and scenes of attraction and a dawning love. It’s easy to relate to Rusty Gear’s laid back approach and hopeful songwriting: “breezes in the air, twilight in her hair, searching for the perfect thing to say.” We’ve all been there!"

The video for “Gold on the Horizon” was produced by Relaxing Blues Music.

For full article, check out American Highways, 8/2 edition.

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