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Rusty Gear Releases Stunning New Video "Something In The Water"

Houston Tx (January 31 2023) - Rusty Gear, the songwriter known for his collection of songs that celebrate the American way of life, has once again delivered a marvelous new song, “Something In The Water”, in a stunning video with sweeping vistas of the American West. From the very first note on his guitar and on into the spiraling slide across the frets, the musical tone sets up the story line for “Something In The Water”. Since the days of the pioneers, settlers, farmers, cowboys and native peoples have paid reverence to the life giving value and beauty of water. Still to this day, nature's gift feeds the farmer’s crops, quenches the thirst of both man and animal and yet breeds controversy. “Something In The Water”, written by Rusty, Michael Mugrage and Marion Roach Smith, shares picture perfect reflections of the various ways of life that continue to respect and use fresh water and of the threats to this scarce commodity. “Something In The Water” , with a cinematic song and video, captures the very heart of the complex relationship the American people have with our most precious resource. Learn more @

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Just released - Rusty Gear's "Something In The Water"

On Air Personalities The audio version of "Something In The Water" is scheduled for February release. Program Directors, Music Directors and Show Hosts can receive it now

Americana Highways Reviews Rusty Gear's "Katy's Song" Another song in Rusty’s American way of life collection

A tribute to the men and women that settled the great American west Songwriter Rusty Gear's "Katy's Song"

About - Rusty Gear is an American singer-songwriter who leads a collaboration of great musicians to create and record original country, blues and southern rock music. Rusty’s primary focus has always been the song writing, where he tries to tell authentic stories of life in America and deliver rocking numbers that will energize his live performances. He has released 8 albums/EPs of original music featuring top Nashville session players and members of the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. Rusty’s songs have received radio play around the world and charted on the Billboard Country Breakout Chart, Roots Radio in Country, Blues and Americana, and on the Hotdisc Top 40 in Europe. His latest album, Stripped Gear, reached #2 on The Roots Radio Country Album chart and the single Old Friend reached # 1 in both Country and Americana. Rusty’s songs have been streamed over 2.8 million times on Spotify.

The complete catalogue of Rusty’s songs can be found at

Rusty continues to grow his collection of original songs celebrating the American way of life and wishes to thank everyone for their participation and warm support.

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