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Rusty Gear, American Way of Life Songwriter and Storyteller, Releases His Newest Single & Companion

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Houston Texas (January 11 2023) - General Grant proclaimed a new life, a new beginning for those that would challenge the elements in a land that was not yet settled. A man humbly asks his lady to join him on a quest of a lifetime to search for this new beginning in a place known as the Western Territory. Their motto: "hold on to your faith but keep a shotgun close at hand". Rusty Gear brings the historical feel of the early days back to life. The cadence of the song presents a western feel much like a galloping horse moving fast to find its field. The lead guitar breakout amplifies the swing feel to this realistic story about a trek that was indeed no place for a lady. The lyrics present the heart felt feelings of a grateful man whose woman stood by him through it all. Once again Rusty Gear has captured the spirit of the American experience and through "Katy's Song" lets the genie out of the bottle. "Katy's Song" is now available on all streaming platforms and is accompanied by a haunting lyric video featuring scenes from the old west as a backdrop for the song.

Rusty Gear's Newest Video Release “Katy's Song”

About Rusty

Rusty Gear is an American singer-songwriter who leads a collaboration of great musicians to create and record original country, blues and southern rock music. Rusty’s primary focus has always been the song writing, where he tries to tell authentic stories of life in America and deliver rocking numbers that will energize his live performances. He has released 8 albums/EPs of original music featuring top Nashville session players and members of the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. Rusty’s songs have received radio play around the world and charted on the Billboard Country Breakout Chart, Roots Radio in Country, Blues and Americana, and on the Hotdisc Top 40 in Europe. His latest album, Stripped Gear, reached #2 on The Roots Radio Country Album chart and the single Old Friend reached # 1 in both Country and Americana. Rusty’s songs have been streamed over 2.8 million times on Spotify.

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